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What Are the Types of Black Anti-static PTFE Adhesive Tape?

What Are the Types of Black Anti-static PTFE Adhesive Tape?

Anti-static PTFE adhesive tape, as a special product in PTFE tape, has a special test for the production capacity of a factory, and it is also a balance to measure the production capacity of a factory. According to the different substrates, we generally divide it into two types: glass fiber cloth anti-static PTFE tape and film anti-static PTFE tape.
The most conventional PTFE Adhesive tape in the current market is the thickness of 0.13 and 0.18mm, and the color is brown. The basic difference of this composite process is not too big, but since the black color paste and antistatic agent are added, the production process is totally different. The anti-static PTFE tape base fabric produced by some factories does not pass the composite process, which causes the PTFE coating to fall off easily; some are easy to fall off and cause residual glue; some are on the adhesive side with more bubbles, when the high temperature is high to a certain extent, the bubble bursts, and this is the key to shortening the life of the tape; some of the performances seem to be very good, but when the machine is put on, the surface of the cloth will be imprinted when the temperature is high; some of the anti-static index is extremely high Uneven, or simply not anti-static at all in some places; some have an anti-static index less than the 6th power of 10, the anti-static level is not enough, and the anti-static effect is not good.
There are many brown PTFE tapes on the market, but black anti-static PTFE tapes are even more mixed. According to the problems encountered by customers on the market, our company has developed two types of anti-static PTFE tape products:HY-T018F and HY-T013F, and has a deep relationship with two of the world’s top 500 companies.The cooperation product is mainly anti-static tape with glass fiber cloth as the base cloth.

Based on the deep demand of the market, our company has developed anti-static PTFE tape with film as the base material. In addition to eliminating the problems of PTFE fiberglass cloth tape, our company makes full use of its good insulation properties. It has been widely used in the electronic field. The main thickness of anti-static PTFE film tape is 0.08mm, 0.15mm and 0.20mm. Other thicknesses need to have a minimum amount before ordering.

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