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3D Printing FEP Film Tape

3D Printing FEP Film Tape

3D Printing FEP Film Tape is made of excellent FEP film coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Its common thickness is 0.09mm. It is so thin that its 100% percent of transparency gives the machine 100% visible working condition.

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1. Using good-qualified FEP film, high transparency

2. Extrusion process, high strength of FEP film

3.Good elongation, non stick and easy to remove anything from its surface.

4. Good viscosity, no degumming

5. Good insulation performance and dielectric strength

6. Resistant to chemical solvents.

7. Good high temperature resistance, can reach 260 degrees (500F)

8. There are many options for the inner diameter of the tube core.

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