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Why Does the Edge Warping of PTFE Adhesive Tape Occur

Why Does the Edge Warping of PTFE Adhesive Tape Occur

PTFE Adhesive tape is widely used in sealing packaging, thermoplastic demolding, electrical and electrical, plastic steel welding, sizing drums and other working environments that require high temperature resistance and anti-stick performance. Because PTFE tape is a non-standard product, the production process of different manufacturers will be different, and the quality will be uneven. One of the problems is that the edges of some tapes are prone to warping. To some extent, this phenomenon affects production efficiency, reduces service life and increases production costs. So, how should we avoid this phenomenon when purchasing PTFE tape? First of all, we need to know why the edge warping occurs.

Starting from the product itself, our company finds the following reasons:

1. Different types of adhesives.

Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are mostly used on the market, and some customers use acrylic adhesive. Generally speaking, with the same process, acrylic acid has stronger adhesiveness, and the ridge is not easy to warp, but its temperature resistance is not as good as silicone. Good pressure sensitive adhesive.

2. The quality of the adhesive is different.

Adhesives of imported brands and domestic brands are quite different in viscosity and high temperature stability.

3. The base fabric treatment process and the adhesive coating process are different.

There are differences in the treatment process of the base fabric. Even if the same adhesive is applied, the viscosity of the coating will be high and low. The lower the viscosity, the easier it is to warp.

4. Different thickness.

PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric is used as the base cloth. The thicker the thickness, the more PTFE emulsion that needs to be impregnated, and the harder the base cloth will be. Therefore, the tape with a thinner thickness generally has a much better fit than the thicker one, although Wear resistance will be much worse.

5. The film tension control is not good.

When the film tension is too tight, the base fabric surface will be reversed after being peeled off from the backing paper, which will lead to the phenomenon of degumming and warping of the label edge after labeling.


From the usage environment, the following reasons can be found:

1. The surface of the labeling object is irregular. For example, when the spherical surface is used, irregular and random warping in different places and the phenomenon of not sticking firmly will occur.

2. The surface of the labeling object is not clean. Dirt on the surface, or even too much air, can cause the edges to stick loosely and warp.

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The reason for the edge warping of PTFE adhesive tape is more complicated. It is recommended that customers contact the sales department of Taixing Huayu Composite Materials Co., Ltd. before purchasing, so that you can avoid detours when purchasing and choose the most suitable product in the fastest time.

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