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Silicone Coated Aramid Fabric

Silicone Coated Aramid Fabric

Silicone Coated Aramid Fabricalso called silicone coated Kevlar fabric, is made of imported high-strength, ultra-low density, high-temperature resistant Aramid fiber cloth coated with silicone rubber on one or both sides. It is a new type of high temperature resistant industrial fabric. It not only owns the characteristics of heat resistance, smokelessness, non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, non-slip, fireproof, and good sealing performance of silicone rubber, but also has the high strength and good toughness of Aramid cloth, impact resistance, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and other characteristics.

Temperature resistance: 280

      Weight: 300~1000 g/m2.

      Thickness: 0.3~1.0mm.

      Width: 1m~1.5m.

      Main lines: plain weave.

      Color: gray, white, blue

The texture is plain or twill. Other thicknesses can also be customized according to the customers’ different requirements.






Main applications: high-temperature materials, fire-retardant fabrics, bullet-proof fabrics, stab-resistant clothing, insulation materials, pipeline sealing, conveyor belts, welding robot protective covers; aerospace, military, shipbuilding and other industries.

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