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Anti-static PTFE Coated Kevlar fabric

Anti-static PTFE Coated Kevlar fabric

Anti-static PTFE Coated Kevlar fabric is a special new type of high temperature cloth, which is mixed with black high-quality anti-static material and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) emulsion in a specific process, and then impregnated on high-strength Kevlar fabric.

According to the coating or dipping surface, it can be divided into two types: single-sided coating and double-sided dipping. Customers can choose single-sided or double-sided according to their actual working environment and budget cost.



The working principle of anti-static PTFE Coated Kevlar fabric: when the static electricity accumulates to the minimum load, the static electricity on the surface will be completely released, thus avoiding the harm of static electricity to the work surface and products, and finally improving the work efficiency.

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