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Plasma treatment of FEP Film Adhesive Tape

Plasma treatment of FEP Film Adhesive Tape

The FEP film adhesive tape produced by our company adopts the plasma treatment method. In general, there are two surface treatment methods for tapesone is physical treatment and the other is chemical treatment. The plasma treatment method is a physical treatment method, which is different from the chemical treatment method. It activates the activity of the film surface instead of deactivating the film surface. The tape made by plasma treatment has better adhesive adhesion and will not come off, which will greatly improve work efficiency.

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The most typical chemical treatment method is nanochemical treatment, commonly known as medicinal material treatment. Due to the low cost of this method and the low technical threshold, 95% of the factories on the market currently use this method. Unlike plasma treatment, chemical treatment may carry some chemical reaction substances. If it is used in the food industry, we suggest that it is better to use plasma treatment.

At present, the FEP film adhesive tape produced by our company has been widely used in aerospace, oil exploration, 3D printing and other industries due to its excellent performance and price advantage.

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