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What’s the transparent PTFE film tape?

What’s the transparent PTFE film tape?

The transparent PTFE film tape is a particular film tape made from the excellent and specially-treated PTFE film, whose single face is treated and coated with the silicone adhesive. It has excellent insulation properties. It has an extremely smooth surface so that it has a good stickiness resistance. It can work steadily and keep good adhesive under the circumstances of -70 census degree and 260 census degree. Its high temperature can even be up to 280 census degree.

There is no specific standards to measure the transparency in the market. It is a new thin film tape developed independently which  is divided into three kinds: opaque, translucent and transparent. Under normal circumstances, the thinner thickness is, the easier from the process, the easier it is transparent. Our opaque thin film tape has a thickness of 0.15 mm, 0.18 mm, 0.20 mm, 0.25 mm; translucent thin film tape thickness is 0.13 mm, and the transparent thickness includes 0.06 mm and 0.08 mm.


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