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Breathable PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric

Breathable PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric

Have you ever seen this kind of PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric? If you take a closer look, what is the difference between it and ordinary PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric? Did you see the tape under the fabric? Right! This is a breathable, light-transmitting, and see-through PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric.


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It took six months to sell this product, and just over three months to get used to it. In order to meet customers' requirements for both smoothness and breathability. Our products are constantly improved and upgraded, and we even provided samples five times. In the end, under the seemingly unreasonable requirements of our customers, we continued to optimize our product processes. From 50 meters for the first order, to 200 meters for the second order, to 500 meters for the third order, we have built a stable relationship with our customers.

Looking back on the history, our breathable PTFE high temperature fiberglass fabric can stand out among many similar products, mainly due to our continuous improvement of technical reserves and stable production capabilities. The process of communicating with customers is not only a process of understanding their needs, but also a process of understanding similar products in the market, and even more, a process of improving one's own technology. Throughout the entire process, from details to direction, we have been highly recognized by our customers. We are increasingly aware that only by improving technology and optimizing processes can we survive the mixed price competition.

Although the 10 boxes of goods in the picture are not a lot, they are a stepping stone to the market for our product.

We have just taken the first step in a journey of thousands of miles. We are willing to work hand in hand with every customer to create great results!



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