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PTFE Fiberglass Fabric Used as Food Conveyor Belt

PTFE Fiberglass Fabric Used as Food Conveyor Belt

       PTFE food conveyor belt is a circular conveyor belt made of food grade PTFE fiberglass fabric. It mainly uses its features such as smooth surface, high temperature resistance, good anti-adhesiveness, plain weave, environmental protection and non-toxicity. It is the most typical application of a light conveyor belt in the food industry. According to the customer's requirements, some conveyor belts are made smooth and anti-adhesive, one side is rough and non-slip, and then a variety of joints are made to connect the high temperature cloth to the circular ring. We usually call it the PTFE coated fiberglass conveyor belt.

     Such a belt can continue to work in environments up to 360 degrees without any toxic substances, so they are becoming the primary choice.

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