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What are the reference standards for the quality of PTFE fiberglass or film tape?

What are the reference standards for the quality of PTFE fiberglass or film tape?

The reference standards for measuring the quality of PTFE fiberglass and film tape are as follows:


1. Is the temperature resistance good? In a normal working environment, the long-term working temperature of PTFE tape can withstand 260 degrees, and the short-term temperature can withstand 280 degrees. Poor quality PTFE tape will cause foaming and degumming as long as it is used for more than 10 minutes. Therefore, if the working environment temperature is above 200 degrees, be sure to choose a hard enough PTFE tape. Good quality is made of imported glass fiber cloth and then impregnated with imported PTFE emulsion. It seems that the price is higher, but it actually improves production efficiency and saves production costs.

2. Whether the viscosity is good or not, the stickiness of PTFE tape mainly depends on the selection of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive. If some domestic glue is used, even if the process is good, foaming and degumming will inevitably occur. Viscosity is divided into initial viscosity and high temperature viscosity. High temperature viscosity can neither be too strong nor too weak. It must be controlled in a stable range to ensure the stability of viscosity.


3. Whether the wear resistance is good or not, the wear resistance of PTFE tape is mainly determined by the quality of the glass fiber cloth used. The imported quality is relatively stable, and there are many domestic brands, but most of them do not meet the requirements for wear resistance.


4. Is the corrosion resistance good? Imported PTFE emulsion has the function of resistance to strong acid and alkali, and can even resist organic chemicals and solvents such as aqua regia.


5The length of service life. Non-human factors, pure imported emulsion with pure imported glass fiber cloth, the quality of pure imports is much better than domestic quality. The specific service life is also directly related to different working environments.


6. Different levels of chemical treatment lead to uneven pressure resistance on the surface of the tape, which in turn causes some tape to break when it is torn from a certain place.


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