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PTFE Fiberglass Fabric

PTFE Fiberglass Fabric

PTFE Fiberglass Fabric consists of different grades of glass fiber and PTFE resin compounded by the normal and ultra wide coating machine. Three colors can be produced by us: brown, black and white.
With the great improvement of technology, the thickness we produce is becoming more and more thinner. Actually, we can even produce the 0.04mm and 0.05mm fabric which is often used in some electric industry.
PTFE Fiberglass Fabric possesses the advantages of smooth surface, high intensity, low elongation coefficient, good chemical resistance, good abrasion resistance and high temperature up to 360 Celsius degree.
It is usually used as oven liners intermediate to cook some food and bread. Also, it can be used as various belt such as conveyor belts, fusing belts and sealing belts. Finally it is used as the covering or wrapping material in petroleum, insulating material, hi-temp resistance material in electrical industries, desulfurizing material in power plant etc.
According with the way of coating, it can be sorted into many categories as the below: double-faced coating, single-faced coating, ventilate coating, static resistant coating. As a result, we put them into the different grades:
1. General industry grade: it is made of the inexpensive PTFE resin into the inexpensive fiberglass, so it may be a little shorter in lifetime;
2. Standard grade: it is made from imported material. It features of more smooth surface better non-viscidity. It has better predominance when used as plastic module separating, and separating patch, gasket, separating module of some other products.
3. Food grade: the surface is smooth, non-stick, heat resistant, easy to wash, and it can be used more safely and conveniently in the food industry;
4. Static resisting grade: Its electric conduction can reach up to ten to the 6th power, which makes them widely used in electronic industry, plastics industry, textile industry, printing industry and etc.

Specifications of PTFE Fiberglass Fabric:
Item No Color Thickness Max width weight Tensile strength Temperature
HY-F004Z brown 0.04 1250mm 56 g/m² 90/120N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F005Z brown 0.05 1250mm 78 g/m² 100/120N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F008Z brown 0.08mm 1250mm 165g/m² 130/120N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F008H black 0.08mm 1250mm 170 g/m² 130/120N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F008H black 0.08mm 1250mm 185 g/m² 130/120N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F013Z brown 0.13mm 1250mm 260 g/m² 220/190N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F013H black 0.13mm 1250mm 275 g/m² 220/190N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F013B white 0.13mm 1250mm 275 g/m² 220/190N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F018Z brown 0.18mm 1250mm 395 g/m² 330/250N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F018HF black 0.18mm 1250mm 415 g/m² 330/250N/cm -140 to 360℃
laminated cloth
brown 0.25mm 2800mm 490 g/m² 410/330N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F025HF black 0.25mm 2800mm 510 g/m² 410/330N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F035Z brown 0.35mm 3200mm <660 g/m² 560/445N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F035HF black 0.35mm 3200mm 680 g/m² 560/445N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F040Z brown 0.40mm 3500mm 780 g/m² 820/500N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F040HF black 0.40mm 3500mm 820 g/m² 820/500N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F065Z brown 0.65mm 4000mm 1150 g/m² 1080/750N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F090Z brown 0.90mm 4000mm 1550 g/m² 1500/1250N/cm -140 to 360℃
HY-F090H black 0.90mm 4000mm 1650 g/m² 1500/1250N/cm -140 to 360℃


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